About us

What Time is Now?… is a network of artists, scholars and museum professionals coming together to explore how we might better understand and communicate the complex temporalities of our current times against a background of multiple global crises and uncertainty.

The project is hosted jointly by Dr. Brigid McLeer, artist and Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University and Professor Claire Langhamer, Director of the Institute for Historical Research, Senate House, University of London.

The first phase of this project consists of two half-day events in London and Manchester on June 4th and July 15th 2024 respectively.
The purpose of the June 4th event was for participants to meet and share their differing perspectives on time and the ‘now’ from their own disciplines, contexts and practices.
On July 15th the group gets the opportunity to meet again and to share responses to each others work or further thoughts on the thematics of the project following the initial meeting.